A Need for Neon

When a new year starts we get excited for new crafts and projects. After all the holiday hues, we're psyched for some fresh hues and textures.

So of course, we're super excited to see the new stuff on the shelves in Michaels stores. Look at what we found! (We might have gone a little crazy...)

Don't you love these bright colors? We got a little happy and did a photo collage. Because sometimes you just need a little neon. What colors are you excited for this year?

Holiday Goodies!

Hey guys, Bree here! So excited to be apart of the Craft Smith family and can't wait to share some fun blog posts, crafts, and photos with you all.  Thought it would be nice to share this post with all of you as family means so much to me and...well..tis the season! This past weekend was spent with my nephews baking cookies and being festive! :) 

When we were done baking and frosting, we wrapped the chocolate chip cookies, Reindeer cookies and sugar cookies in tissue paper (of course, after eating a few ;p) and then packaged them into cute little treat bags and tied our very own Craft Smith tags onto them. I used one of the pages out of the 'Olde Time Christmas' paper pad that has tags all ready to be cut out and tied to your gifts or goodies :) 

Here is what they looked like when we were finished...

Baking was SO much fun with my nephews! This will definitely become an annual Christmas tradition with them. I hope you guys having just as much fun baking with your kiddos and can't wait to see how yours turn out! Would love it if you guys would share your baking traditions in the comments below! Until next time! xoxo, Bree 

A Gold Gift

One of our favorite color stories for Christmas is gold. Not only is it beautifully warm, shiny, and festive, (and reminiscent of wise-men) but the sheen of gold matches everything! For the busy crafter, adding a gleam of metallic makes it easy to keep things simple while still creating something suitably sparkly. It takes everything to the next level. 

Our Gold Gift paper pad is full of prints made entirely with gold and white - and combined with the gold dipped canvas tags the options for holiday craft become endless. 

Isn't it pretty? That snowflake print makes me swoon a little every time I look at it, and I think that tree print would be perfection made into a card. Maybe with little adhesive pearls or gems as ornaments? Even just left plain - it's just festive and classic. 

The Gold Gift Paper pad is available now at Michael's stores - in both 12x12 and 6x6 sizes. As you can see, it's perfect for Christmas, but quite a few prints are classic enough that they'd be beautiful any time of year. That chevron, for example, could be used on anything! If silver is more your thing, be on the lookout for our SILVER version of this paper pad - yes, you read that right! Believe me, it's gloriously shiny as well.