Tips for using Scrapbook Layout Sketches

I am excited to talk about one of my favorite things today...scrapbook sketches! I think every scrapbooker would agree that sometimes you just you aren't feeling the very creative. And that's OK! We can do things to help trigger ideas and using scrapbook sketches is one of the ways that I do that. I LOVE sketches!!! I wanted to walk you through my process when I create a layout using a sketch.

This is the sketch that I found from Pinterest. If you are looking for sketches, you can find them all over the internet, Pinterest, blogs and even magazines. The one I am using is from Just do a simple search online or in Pinterest and "scrapbook sketch" will bring your lots of ideas!

My family went to the Caribbean in January on a Disney Cruise and had the time of our lives. You will be seeing lots of photos over the next little while as I document our trip. We had an incredible day of zip lining in St. Thomas and I wanted to make a special page with the photos. I knew that I wanted to create a page with lots of bright patterns and you won't even guess which Craft Smith paper pad that I used! "Hip Tots" has a juvenile, children theme but it also has tons of great colors and prints and I challenged myself to think outside the box. 

I was trying to decide which of the fun color patterns to use directly behind my photos. The ocean, helmets and clothing are so bright that I wanted to pick the right background paper to let us see the colors. It's interesting to see the 4 color options and how different the photos look with each color behind it. Can you guess which color made my photos pop the most?

Definitely the green! These are the prints that I decided to use together to tackle my scrapbook sketch. I just LOVE the kraft and white numbers page. I have the idea of using "#1 Day" or something similar in the title. We will see....

To create the angled piece that goes across the page, I cut the green paper using my paper trimmer at a simple angle. This first piece can really be however thick and angled that you would like. You just have to make sure the 2nd print matches up with it. I paper clipped my green piece to my striped piece and then used my ruler and Xacto knife to make sure the angles matched perfectly.

I mounted my photos on some coral colored cardstock that matched the coral in the stripe. Our helmets in the photos are red but the coral seems to blend in pretty well in my opinion. Why do I have little pieces of black washi tape on the edges? Would you believe me if I told you I totally tore one side of my paper and had to find a way to cover it up?? LOL true! But I like to work with "three's" so I added two more washi tape strips to other edges to make it blend. Do you love my honestly or what? Hey, it happens to all of us!

Now the fun part...embellishing! I added stars, brads and stickers that I had in the same color family as my paper. I love how my paper is always the base and foundation of any project that I am doing. And the embellishments that I pick should always make my paper shine.

I settled on the title "One Good Day" and that is exactly what it was. Oh I wish I could snap my fingers and be back on that mountain overlooking Magens Bay. When is our next vacation, honey??! ;) 

I hope that you are inspired to get out your favorite Craft Smith paper pad, pick a sketch and see where your creativity takes you. I am really hoping we can start doing some challenges on our blog and Facebook page really soon!!! It's such a fun way to have a little motivation to create. 

Have a wonderful day!