Silver Foil Pink Card Set

Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! We are on our last week of summer, the boys start back next Thursday! We plan to take off to the lake this weekend for one last getaway. {Photos to come!} Then it's homework, bedtimes and schedules for us! The good thing about school starting is that football season starts too! ;) 

I am so excited to start sharing projects using our new paper pads that were just released at Michaels. A lot of you have shared fun photos with us on Instagram of your new paper goodies. It's so fun! I am so glad some of you are starting to find them. If you stores haven't stocked them yet, keep checking! They are coming!

Today's project uses the new Silver Foil paper pad. Silver and Gold are SO hot right now in the craft world! And how could you not love these papers? They are trendy and traditional all at the same time. Timeless classics. I also used some Craft Smith Embossed Cards that were just released too. My store had the card packs right by the new papers so they are easy to spot. There is a Brights card pack and a Neutrals card pack. I needed both of course. ;)

The Silver & Gold Foil pads have these awesome typography pages in them that can be cut apart and used for titles or cards. I love these! Takes the guess work out of "What should I put on this card?!" I can't be the only one who sometimes thinks that! I loved mixing in the burlap, lace and buttons into these simple cards. You could easily sit down and make a dozen of these cards in no time. And what an awesome gift that would make to a non-crafter!

What I love most about the foiled paper pads is that you can easily mix in SO many different colors with it and they look fabulous. Pink and silver is always a fun combo. But you could easily have substituted the prink for a turquoise or purple. How fun would the black embossed cards be?? 

Keep checking your Michaels this weekend and hopefully you get your hands on some of the new pads! You will LOVE them when you see them in person. 

Have a wonderful weekend!