School Clipboard Organizer

Hello my friends. It's so great to have you stop by the Craft Smith Blog for a little crafty inspiration! I'll have the last of my Halloween inspiration on Thursday. I can't believe that October is coming to a close and that Christmas is right around the corner. If you are near Michaels, you may want to pop in and see if our Craft Smith Christmas paper pads are out yet! They should be where the Halloween stuff was and I suspect they are getting it all set up any day. I have been giving tease photos of our new paper pads on Instagram & Facebook so make sure you are following us there!

My boys went back to school in August so we have been doing the "school thing" for a couple months now. It's never easy getting back into the swing of things!!! I only have two kids and I find it challenging to keep everyone and everything on track. Is homework done? Who has practice today? Who needs a school lunch? My head is full of these questions day after day!

I am always looking for cute and functional ways to stay organized! Today's project does just that. I used the Craft Smith School paper pad from Michaels and a $1 clipboard to create a wallhanging organizing tool. I love how it turned out and have a feeling I will be making a few more to fill up a wall in my kitchen!

First, I trimmed the black & white number sheet to fit as much of the clipboard as I could, focusing on the top. Don't worry if the bottom is uncovered, you will be adding more paper with the pocket to cover it up. Using liquid glue, I glued the number paper down on the whole clipboard. Then, I trimmed the handwriting and ruler paper to cover the bottom half of the clipboard and glued it down only on the sides and bottom edges. You don't want to glue your pocket closed!

I kept the embellishing on the front pretty simple, it's easy when the paper pad has such cute things to cut out like this "Smarty Pants" phrase! I mounted it on some cork paper that I had and again on the polka dot paper. Some small embellishments from my stash finished it off. The last step is adding ribbon to the top of the clipboard as a hanging tool. 

This has become the perfect spot for the school calendar, announcements and anything else I want close by. And not on the counter covered in spilled cereal milk!!!

Quick note-I have been sick recently and they decided yesterday to take out my gallbladder TODAY so I am going in for surgery in a little while! I'm sure everything will go smooth and I have my computer next to my bed ready to get back to work ASAP. Thank goodness for laptops and pain meds! ;) Just wanted to let you know in case I am not responding to emails and messages/posts as quickly as I normally do. I still plan on being back here on Thursday! Have a wonderful day!