Paper Ribbon Flag + WINNERS!

Why hello there! Back from another great weekend I hope. What a fun weekend we had! Being a "boy mom", I think I love my nieces a little bit more than most. I love all of the fun, girly things that my 6 nieces get to do! My sister's daughter was in a little city pageant this weekend and she was so excited to have me come. And I had to bring flowers of course! I have never been in a pageant before but I can only imagine that flowers are one of the highlights. She was amazing and got 4th place! That smile on her face says it all. I am so proud of her for doing something out of her comfort zone and building her self confidence. 

I was able to get a little crafting done this weekend too! That is always a plus. I wanted to start on some 4th of July/Summer projects because guess what, it's only a few weeks away! The summer is speeding by at a high speed of rate. 

I wanted to make a door hanger for one of my interior doors using ribbon and our Craft Smith paper. I have seen similar hanging flags made out of ribbon & fabric that are being sold at a very high price! Some that I found on Etsy were easily $50-$75 and some were more. Sure, I like to buy things on Etsy when I am too lazy to make them. Am I the only one confessing right now?! But this project is definitely one that you can tackle on your own. 

First, I gathered up lots of red and white ribbons from my stash. I pulled out far more than I needed. I realized that this project only takes a few yards of ribbon, I thought it would take more! I laid a 8.5x11 piece of Kraft cardstock down and put some strong liquid adhesive at the top. Then I just laid down ribbon, layering as I went. Make sure that you separate the red and white solids appropriately but really, anything goes on a project like this!

I found the perfect piece of blue printed paper out of the Craft Smith Textured Basics paper pad. I cut a 3x4 piece and glued it right on top of the ribbon and that was that! From what I pulled out of my ribbon stash, I will definitely be making a few more of these for fun. They are so easy! 

A quick word about the Textured Basics Paper Pad and some of your other favorite Craft Smith Hot Buys. Michaels couldn't believe how fast these Hot Buys sold out and they did something they rarely do, they ordered another run of them! So check your stores right away, they should have started popping up over the weekend. The only ones that were re-released are:

Solid Red/Pink
Solid Blues
Solid Neutrals
Dip Dye
Peppy Preppy
Sweet Soiree
Pacific Cove
Textured Basics
Tea Party

I know some of these you have been looking for so hurry and check your local Michaels! We have LOVED all the Craft Smith love you have given us and we have more brand new pads coming out in August!

Last but not least, I have 2 of our Goodie Box Giveaway Winners! Our Instagram winners is @purplenailbandit and our Facebook winner is Charity Hotrum! Congratulations you two! Send me an email with your mailing address!

I'll see you all back here on Thursday! Have a great week!