Kids Craft: Indigo Gold Sail Boats

Hey there, my Craft Smith Crafters!

Hope you are all enjoying this busy, summer month. At our home, we are trying to find a balance between work, play, chores and more play. ;) Isn't that what summer is about!? School, routine and bedtimes will be here before we know it. My boys go back to school on August 21 which is now less than a month away. 

We all know that my boys love to craft and they believe that summer means that I have all kinds of fun things for them to do. What a fun mom they must have. ;) Yesterday, we took some time to make some fun sailboats and actually raced them downstream. I saw the idea on Pinterest here and it seemed easy enough, but I knew our Craft Smith papers would make them even cuter!

The first thing we needed were some skinny sticks, and lots of them! We jumped in my hubby's Jeep and cruised up the hills behind our house. Luckily for us, there were plenty on the ground under the trees that we easily found what we needed. (Popsicle sticks could also be used!)

I had to sneak in a quick picture of our little town. When I say I am a country girl, I really mean it!!!! Our town has a population of 6,000 people and only 1 stoplight. It's perfect in every way!

Next, I let them pick out their favorite Craft Smith paper pad, which today happened to be the gorgeous Indigo Gold pad. They each picked their favorite print, which we folded it in half and cut a triangle to make a sail. I laminated the sails too which is totally optional, I just wanted to make sure the held up in the water. I cut an angle off of the bottom of the sail to expose a pocket to slip a thin stick in to keep the sail up. 

This is where it takes all my Mommy power to sit back and let the boys make their own creations. I gave them some simple embroidery floss and had them lay their sticks flat and lined up together. They tried to keep the sticks as flat as could be which is definitely best. 

I think they did a pretty good job! They were ready to head off to find a stream to sail them down.


This stream is at our property that we will someday build a house and move to. It didn't have enough water...I asked my husband why it was dry and apparently it's an irrigation ditch for farmers and water is only turned on for certain hours and days for them to water. I had no idea but make sense why sometimes its full and then days like this it's empty! I am still learning these country and farm tricks. ;) 

Mission accomplished. Another stream in our neighborhood had plenty of water and current to have a few races with the boats. The white boat won every time, which I still haven't figured out why! 

It was a fun kids project for the kids which took up an afternoon. I hope my boys look back at their childhood and remember fondly all the crafts we did and trips to Michaels for supplies. To me, that is such a big part of growing up and expressing creativity. 

The countdown is on for NEW Craft Smith Paper Pads! We have 12 new beauties coming out in just a couple weeks at Michaels! I think it's about time to start posting some teasers, what do you think??! Keep an eye on our Instagram (@craftsmithco) and Facebook Pages!