Indigo Gold Denim Canvas

Today we are going to be diving into one of the hottest trends in the home decor and fashion industries right now. And guess what? We even have a paper pad to match it. I love it when our designs are spot on with what's trending in the world!

If you look at any home decor recently, you are seeing LOTS of blue and gold right now. The blues range from dark blue to a chambray blue and every tone in between. The gold is such a great accent color with blue, it really makes both of the colors look vibrant and true.

The die dye texture is especially popular. Ranging from skirts, shirts, curtains, pillows and even this fun couch.

There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest on how to create your own Dip Dyed shirts. This would be a fun project for sure, my boys would go crazy for this.

As you can see, the Indigo/Dip Dye trend is HOT right now! The Craft Smith Indigo Gold paper pad is the perfect companion to this fun trend. This paper line is available right now at Michaels Stores, in the scrapbook paper aisle.

I couldn't resist using the Indigo Gold paper to jazz up my daily planner this week. I love the relaxed feel that it gives this view, but the gold is still so fun to spice it up a bit.

Instagram: @craftsmithco

Instagram: @craftsmithco

I picked up a 12x12 denim canvas at Michaels recently, having no idea what I would be doing with it! No one ever does that, do they? ;) I knew that it was something that I would use with the Indigo Gold paper and I was recently inspired by a canvas quote board that I saw in a catalog. I thought this would be the perfect project for the canvas and paper. 

I wanted to make something to put in my oldest son's bedroom. I scoured the internet looking for the perfect quote about dreams and motivation. Because that's exactly what a 10 year old should have in his room in my opinion! 

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" was exactly the message I wanted to focus on. 


There are several sheets in the Indigo Gold paper pad that has letters and words that you can cut out. I wanted an eclectic looks and knew that I wanted to hand paint some of the words. I added a few extra embellishments to finish it off such as gold paint on the canvas edges, gold sequins, twine and buttons. I love the way it turned out!

I think this will be a great keepsake for my son's room, something that he will always look at and remember that his Mama thinks he is pretty awesome. It is beginning to really scare me how quickly my kids are growing up! I have made a goal to try and really treasure the little moments with my boys. And I hope they always know that they can really do ANYTHING they put their little minds to! 

Our little family is off on a weekend adventure, I can't wait to share photos and stories with you next week! Have a wonderful weekend, my Craft Smith Crafters!