If I Could Turn Back Time

Good morning!

Summer is slipping away and the boys start school on Thursday. We had a wonderful weekend at Lake Powell boating with my husband's brother and family. As I looked around at the amazing scenery, I really do believe it is the prettiest thing our state of Utah has to offer. We had a blast and we have photos to prove it! ;)

I have been feeling a little sentimental and nostalgic lately. I think it's the time of year. As much as my boys make me crazy, as much as they distract me from what I think is "important", I LOVE having my boys home with my all day during the summer. I love knowing where they are, safe with me. Like right now, I can hear "The Price Is Right" blaring in the front room. I know where they are sitting, together in a big chair under one blanket cuddling as they guess prices. As a mama bear, nothing makes me happier than knowing they are safe and happy under my roof. When school starts on Thursday, things will be different. They will be off to school and all day I will be wondering what they are up to, what they are learning. Sure, I will get a LOT more done in my days, but it won't be my "happy time" like when they are home. Will it ever get easier sending them off into the big, bold world??

I was going through some boxes in my basement and came across a box of things that I got from my grandma when she passed away two years ago. It contained mostly photos and knickknacks from her home. She only had one son and the three of us grandchildren and we really meant the world to her. I loved going through ALL OF HER PHOTOS, I swear she kept them all! I found a couple of sweet pictures of me as a baby with my Mom.

I love these photos. I love seeing my Mom as a young mom, just as I am today. I love seeing her holding me and wonder if she has the same feelings that I do on days like today. Did she feel pulled in a million different directions as I do? Did she struggle with sending me and my sibling off to school every day? Did she feel inadequate as a mom, unable to get EVERYTHING done all the time? When I think about this, it makes me so grateful to have photos to reflect on. And really grateful that she just a phone call away to talk about these things with! How lucky are we to be able to see a snapshot of past lives. It truly is amazing if you think about it! 

And yes, I had the Cher song, "If I Could Turn Back Time" in my head the entire time I was crafting! ;) I used the Craft Smith Gold Foil paper pad. I mixed in some lavender embossed paper from the new Embossed Brights pack too and I love the combination of papers. I think I will have SO much fun with these foiled paper pads! I pulled out everything "vintage" from my scrap stash...because 1982 calls for vintage right?! So funny. I love the mix of lace, pearls and gold on this page. I can't wait to show it to my cute Mama. I couldn't have asked for a better one!

From the sounds of it, Michaels Stores are still rolling out this release of Hot Buys in their stores. Some of you are still struggling to find them but please don't stress! They will be there, I promise. You guys really are the best customers ever! We love making goodies for you and there is a LOT coming from Craft Smith. Can't wait!