Back to School Basics!

Back to school - it's that time of year! Instead of spending tons of money on school supplies this year,  we tried to come up with new and innovative ways to craft some of our supplies instead! SO, we made these cute bookmarks using Craft Smith's new Emoji collection! They are SO much fun and so cute, they make us smile just looking at them! We thought they would be the perfect way to brighten up ordinary school days! This collection is a great accessory to all your school necessities! :)

These were so fun and easy to make! I simply placed the Craft Smith Emoji washi tape onto card stock in any order I thought looked cute. Then, glued the diecut emoji "frosting" to the top of the bookmark and laminated them with our easy-to-use thermal laminator. 

Below pictures 1-5 show step-by-step instructions. The last picture shows you what to look for in Michaels Stores! 

LOOK HOW FUN AND CUTE THESE ARE! These will be sure to make all your classmates jealous! 

Use them in your Creative Year planners, text books or reading books!