Gender Reveal Party!

We love having fun here at Craft Smith HQ and will use any excuse to craft and throw parties! This month we had a little guessing game as to whether one of our awesome designers, Kelsie, is having a boy baby or girl baby. We made a fun little gender prediction wall at work and when we all went to lunch and she revealed the gender of her soon-to-be third child! 

As you can see most of us guessed a boy since she already has two girls!!! 

Well, most of us guessed wrong! IT'S A GIRL! When we came back to the office we set up this little table for her filled with cake, cupcakes, candy and popcorn! 

I love these adorable little white buckets (from Michaels).

Everything we used was from the "Party Craft It" collection that is out in Michaels stores right now. 

Of course, Kelsie was thrilled! We can't wait to meet you baby girl!