Fresh Start Recipe Cards

Ah, a new year. 2016 is the year we're hitting the gym, eating 'clean', and getting organized - who's with us? We're also opening up a new box of cards - the Textured Basics are a part of our brand new Hot Buy release at Michaels stores, and we're doing something fun and original with it!

These Textured Basics cards are perfect for crafting with - the patterns are easy to use and we love the vibrant colors. They feel just right for a clean start.

 We scoured Pinterest and found a bunch of recipes that we want to try out. And then, to keep them clear and together, wrote them out (you could also print them) on the inside of these cute cards. Punch a hole in the top and put them on a jump ring and now we have a great little recipe reference that we can hang on a hook next to the fridge. 

We love the idea of using a box of cards for unexpected things. These Textured Basics cards are in stores now at Michaels - they're a limited edition HOT BUY item, so hurry and grab yours before they sell out. Happy crafting!