DIY Card Folders

Hey everyone! How's it going?! I hope you are having a great week. There has been a lot of excitement around our new "Hot Buy" paper pads and it makes us so happy to see you getting them in your hands sand loving them!!! Michaels really is fun this time of walk in and somehow it really does smell like fall. And I can't believe the Christmas is around the corner! Lots of you are asking and our Craft Smith Christmas & Holiday line will be at Michaels at the very end of October. When Halloween goes out...Christmas comes in! I can't WAIT!

Today's project focuses on the Craft Smith card packs that are for sale right by the "Hot Buys" right now. These card packs are such an awesome value and there are lots to choose from. The Silver and Gold foil packs really caught my eye. I have a project idea that can be adapted and used for SO many different uses. All you need is 3 for the outside and two for the inside.

The card for the outside of the folder you can just set aside. The two cards for the inside of the folder you will want to cut the printed side at an angle. The angles need to be cut at opposite directions, you will see why when you see the inside of the folder.

You will use liquid glue to adhere ONLY THE L SHAPED EDGE to the inside of the cover card. We want to keep the angled edge open to form a pocket. Once they are glued down, use washi tape folded on the edge to secure the adhesive and to also give it a decorative touch. You can fill the pockets with stickers for your planner as I did but the possibilities are endless. You could put photos inside, notepads, lists, anything that you want to keep organized.

And you can decorate the outside with any Craft Smith paper pad that you wish! I still had "Watercolor" on my desk from last week's project and I love the artsy look that this phrase gave it. I added a little ribbon and epoxy stickers and that was it. You could make this project with a holiday theme too, how fun would that be!

The "planner" community on Instagram have really fallen in love with our products so it was fun to find a way for them to organize specific stickers. But you really could use this idea to make folders for anything. And with 60 cards in a pack, you can make a LOT of card folders!

Don't forget to stop by later this week...we have a Halloween project coming your way!!!