Mother's Day Art Plates

There are just a couple more days until Mother's Day! I hope you have some fun things planned for the special ladies in your life.  And just a tip, Mom's LOVE handmade cards! I will get to that in a minute...

First I wanted to spotlight my amazing Mother-in-law, Renee. I love this photo of my husband, Kevin, with his mom. Being a "boymom", I am always watching how men treat their moms. And Kev is a wonderful son! I was always impressed how he treated her, I watched like a hawk as we were dating. Because don't they say, the way they treat their mom is the way they will treat you?? We love Renee so much. She only lives 15 minutes from us so it's fun to pop in and say hi, have her be at ballgames and she is always willing to help us babysit the boys. It will be fun to celebrate on Sunday with her!

I love this card that I created to give away this weekend for the holiday. I used the Craft Smith Tea Party paper pad it came together really easily. I think every Mom should have a handmade card on her special day. 

We did something new for some of our Mother's Day gifts. I purchased some white ceramic plates at the Dollar Tree for $1 each. We used Sharpies to decorate them with drawings, signatures and love notes.

 I put them in a cold oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. Then I turned the oven off and let them cool off. Some of the colors faded a little so I suggest using the brightest ones in the pack! But I love how they turned out, you are able to eat off of them, just make sure to hand wash!

Seriously these cost ONE DOLLAR to make! I think it would be fun to do mugs for teachers gifts...maybe that's on my "to-do" list for next week. ;)

I hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's Day and weekend in general. Sending lots of hugs to all our craft Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Fur Moms and FRIENDS! ;)