Blush Glam Mother's Day Bouquet

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 10th. Since I became a Mom 10 years ago, this has been one of my favorite days. The kids get so excited to spoil me and let's face it, I don't mind. ;) 

It's the week before Mother's Day and I thought it would be fun to tribute both of my cute Moms and share a couple gift ideas.

This is my Mom, Liz, with my boys on our last family vacation. The boys call her, "Cookie" because she didn't want to be called Grandma. LOL! She is a firecracker, I wonder where I get it from! It has been fun to grow up into an adult and realize what a special person she is, aside from being my mom. She is always willing to help me with anything I need, is my boys biggest cheerleader and encourager and is the best lunch and shopping buddy ever. I am excited to get to spend some time with her on Saturday!

My gift idea to share with you today is something super easy but very meaningful. I had to use the Craft Smith Blush Glam paper pad because it is so girly and I knew any mom or woman would love it. 

This is a beautiful gift for less than $20! I got the potted rose plant for $9 and the simple white pot for $8. (Both from Walmart) I used my Blush Glam paper and cut out some of the cute typography quotes. I used Mod Podge and glitter to give some sparkle to my wood skewers and glued the quotes to the top. Some ribbon finished off the gift! Besides the plant and pot, you probably have most of this stuff laying around your house.

I love how this simply gives a super personal touch to this traditional gift of flowers. It makes me never want to give ordinary flowers again knowing how easy and quick it was to make it extra special. You could use this same idea for any "Get Well" or "Birthday" flowers that you give as a gift, just change the greetings!

Later this week I will share one more project before Mother's Day that will help get you excited about celebrating your own Mom's, Grandmother's, Daughters and friends in your own life.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!