Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Every year, this week sneaks up on me.  It's the last week of school! It blows me away how fast this school year went by! I can't believe that my boys are days away from being done with the 2nd & 4th grades. They have had wonderful teachers this year, we are so lucky to have an amazing elementary school in the little town that we live in. 

I think that teachers are one of the most important roles in the entire world! I loved my teachers growing up but I don't think I truly realized their importance until I had to send my kids off to school every day. There is a level of trust and love that you have with a teacher who gets to spend almost 7 hours a day with your child! I am such a mama bear and hate sending my boys off into the world, I would just as well have them home with me every day. But I tell myself, how will they learn and grow if they stay under my wing forever?

I purchased these books when my boys were in Kindergarten. "Oh, The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss is such a classic. Each year, I have the boy's teachers write them a message in their book as they finish off the school year. It always makes me emotional when I read the messages in their books! I just LOVE teachers!

I love this tradition. I feel like I will blink and before I know it, my boys will be done with school! Little traditions like these are ones that will stick with them far after school is out. Reading from past teachers how much potential they have and how loved they are will be something that will always stick with them!

At the end of the school year, we love to make special "Thank You" gifts for our teachers. I always think that May is so busy for ME but I can't imagine how busy it is for TEACHERS! And we all know how crazy those kids get these last few weeks of school! Colt helped me make a special gift for his teacher yesterday. He wanted to give her some "girly lotions that smelled good". Ha, I can do that! This is one of my go-to packaging for gifts. 

1) Take any bag that you have, a ziplock bag or even a back left over from some sort of packaging. Fill it with your favorite goodies!
2) Take some paper and cut it 6 inches tall and 1/2 inch wider than whatever the width of your bag is. Score and fold the paper in half so the paper goes in front and behind your bag. Staple it to the top bag.
3) Cut a strip of coordinating paper, glue it down to cover up the staples.
4) Decorate!

Colt loved helping with this gift, which is definitely what I wanted! He wanted to write a message to Mrs. Nell and add some stickers and buttons. I don't like to spend a TON of time on gift packaging like this because it does end up getting taken apart when the gift is opened. But simple packaging like this doesn't take long and makes a big statement.

I used the Craft Smith Flutterbloom paper pad that was one of our spring "Hot Buy" lines at Michaels. The colors are so bright and cheery, I have found myself reaching for it quite a bit this spring. The yellows and turquoise coordinated perfectly with the "girly lotions" that Colt picked out and I think the paper really did pull the packaging all together. Thank you, Craft Smith! ;)

I have one last "Thank You" teacher gift to make for my other son's teacher, this time with a masculine spin. I'll see you back here with that project on Thursday. Have a wonderful day!