Tea Party Easter Bunny Bags

Easter Weekend is almost here! What are you going to be up to?? We will be camping with friends on our farm land which is only about 15 minutes away. Sometimes it's nice to stay close to home! Egg decorating, egg hunts, lots of good food and fun with friends are all on the agenda. Spring is the best! Should be in the 60's here which is perfect camping weather! 

I wanted to make a few special treats for some friends and love what I came up with. What I love about Craft Smith paper is there are SO many things you can do with it. It really adds the perfect touch to so many different kinds of projects.

Let me show you how I made my cute Easter Bunny Bags...

First, I took some inexpensive white fabric (similar to tea cloth) and cut it into this shape. The fabric was $2.49 a yard so you could pretty much make these bags for pennies! I didn't use a pattern, it really doesn't have to be perfect. Just do your best cutting it in a basic bunny shape. You will need 2 pieces per bunny bag. 

{sorry this photo is so dark! This is what happens when you end up crafting at night!}

{sorry this photo is so dark! This is what happens when you end up crafting at night!}

Break out the sewing machine! Just trust me. I tried to hot glue these, super glue these...anything but get out my sewing machine!!! But I sewed them in less time than it took to get the super glue off my finger! So just do it the right way. Straight stitch from ear to ear, leaving the top open, as you can see. Then use your pinking shears to cut around the entire bag.

While the bags were still flat, I decorated them! I used the Craft Smith Tea Party paper for the ears. Isn't that floral perfect! Buttons, goggly eyes, heart punch and my hot glue gun finished it off. You can stuff these with treats and then tie with bakers twine.

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Have a wonderful weekend, stop by next week for more Craft Smith inspiration!