Indigo Cutie

Happy Thursday, my Craft Smith friends!

I hope lots of you have gotten to stop by Michaels and see all of our gorgeous paper that has been released! We have received so much positive feedback from you, THANK YOU! All of our team makes sure to read the FB posts, blog comments and Instagram tags. It means the world to all of us that you are finding and LOVING our new lines of paper!

It has been amazing sitting in my craft room and opening up each pad. Every time I reach for a new one, I am blown away at the color and design details of the papers. The first pad I reached for to play with was Indigo Gold. Probably because I am a "boymom"!

Us "boymoms" can sometimes have a hard time finding masculine paper. We all know this is true. I remember when I first started working for Craft Smith, I received an email from a customer requesting some BOY paper. I told her that our company owner has 2 little boys of her own and I know it's important to her to have paper to scrapbook all of her kids. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw Indigo Gold and knew I had the perfect photo for my first layout with this paper.

I just love all of the different tones of blue in this paper pad. The touch of gold is so simple and so elegant. But I knew it would still make a super cute page for my guy. I love this photo that was taken on our Disney Cruise in January. My boys could play on the beach day and night. They never get tired of it. My kind of kids. 

I love how all of the patterns work together. Lately, I love to use lots and lots of different patterns on my projects at once. I don't think you could have too much. I love the tie die grid paper that I used for the background the most I think. Do you love that real denim pocket that I used to hide my journaling?? I found a denim pocket garland at Michaels that I couldn't leave without! I plan on using the rest of the banner for a special project but I had to snag one of the pockets for this page. So fun!

One little tip before you go. Something that I love to do is print the same photo a few different ways. As you can see above, I printed the photo of Troy in black and white, color and antiqued. I just used the basic editing tool on my iPhoto to do this and I'm sure you can use a similar program to get the same effect. Sometimes, you just don't know which color effect will look best on the page. The black & white was definitely too muted. The color (above) photo looked good but the antiqued (on final layout) brought out the gold in the paper and embellishments so I went with that one. Don't be afraid to print a couple extra photos. I always end up using them for other things so they don't get wasted.

I hope you loved your first detailed look at Indigo Gold. Craft Smith has blown me away with these new paper pads and I can't wait to show you all the things I have in my head that I want to make! An Easter project is definitely next on my list. ;)

Have a wonderful day!