Craft Smith Goes Green

March 17th is here!

I'm going to be a little honest here. I am not that "Crazy St. Patrick's Day" Mama that you may be seeing all over Facebook and Instagram today. My boys wear whatever green shirt, underwear or shoe laces that they may have clean and on their shelf. It's Lucky Charms and green milk for breakfast and they "may" get some kind of green food coloring in whatever dinner I decide to make. Confession over.

Hey, it is more than my Mom used to do for me and that is A-OK. I turned out just fine. But I think any holiday is super fun to celebrate and all this GREEN means SPRING is almost here!

Since I keep St. Patrick's day fun but easy, I have just the card for you today!

I used the Craft Smith Textured Basics {more about this gem of a paper pad in a minute}, my heart punch and miscellaneous embellishments to make this cute card. What do I love about this card? 1) Definitely the two tones of greens that I think are so perfect together. 2) Green bakers twine. Enough said. 3) Cork and my pinking shears, my new favorite combo! If you look really close, you can see my FAVORITE texture is on the Textured Basics pad. I was so so so happy to see this.

This is one of those paper pads that you will use over. And over. And over again. Do you need a good pink for a baby card? Here is one! Do you need the perfect aqua for your beach photos? We got it! It's one of those timeless pads that you will be using for a long time. But it is a Limited Edition Hot Buy at Michaels right now so you will want to grab it while you can! I am for sure hitting my Michaels for another one of these and another Blush Glam pad. Yup, I am a paper hoarder too! ;)

I hope you all have a fabulous St. Patrick's Day! I will see you back here a little later this week!