Will You Be Mine?

I have been so excited to share this post with you! But probably not as excited as my boys! 

Ever since I let them pick out their Craft Smith Valentine Box Kit at Michaels, they have been begging for me to let them put them together. Last night was the night we sat down as a family and made them! I am anxious to give you a few tips and tell you how it went.

{If you missed my video showing you this line, watch it HERE.}

Troy picked out the Rocket and Colt picked the Robot...good choices for little boys! We laid out all of the pieces with our box, got the hot glue gun plugged in and got ready to start. All we used to put our boxes together was the hot glue gun, a liquid glue and a Xacto knife to cut the hole in our boxes. 

Dad did the cutting...that's a great job for Dad! He quickly commented that he isn't a good crafter but I would disagree, lol!

There were parts that were a little harder than others for the boys, which is why I think this is the perfect family project to do together. I helped a little more with the hot glue and making sure the big pieces that cover the box got glued correctly. And while I did that, there were plenty of little things for the boys to work on to put the finishing touches on.

I die over this cute little face concentrating on his project! So so cute. ;)

They both loved the stickers that were included in their kits that let them personalize their boxes. That was probably their favorite part of the project! 

I couldn't be more proud of the boys for how they turned out! They may have a little more "personality" than the ones on the packaging but they totally made them their own. And that's exactly what I was hoping they would do.

They put them carefully on their book shelves so they can enjoy them before taking them to school next week. They really are sturdy boxes so I have no doubt they will hold up great during the class valentine exchange. 

Thank you, Craft Smith, from the bottom of my mommy heart for making this process painless and fun this year!!! ;) If you picked up any kits, please please post photos of your completed boxes on our Facebook page so I can share them!

Have a great day, everyone!