Thursday Ramblings

Oh I have missed my friends! It has been a BUSY week for Craft Smith and I have been knee deep in a big project. I haven't had much time to blog and I have missed it! I crawled into bed tonight with my computer so I could check in with all of you.

This is my view right now. My computer, Pink Bunny Peeps {the best} and Bravo on the TV. I am an easy girl to please. Lol!

I live 1 hour from my closest Michaels and I am heading up tomorrow for a visit. My "Michaels List" is growing and after being on Pinterest tonight, I have a few more things to make sure to pick up! I was on Pinterest tonight looking for new ways to make some of my favorite craft embellishments. 

Speaking of Pinterest, be sure that you follow Craft Smith on there. It's a great place to visually see all that we have to offer in one place. 

I found some awesome ideas on how to make epoxy stickers that perfectly match your projects. Check these out...

What?! Why haven't I thought of this? Make little circles with your hot glue gun, let them dry and then paint the back side with either nail polish or craft paint. So smart!$site?%3E-critital-impact&utm_medium=email-alert&utm_term=%3C?=$steal-%3Eid?%3E&utm_content=social-link&utm_campaign=%3C?=$brandName;%20?%3E$site?%3E-critital-impact&utm_medium=email-alert&utm_term=%3C?=$steal-%3Eid?%3E&utm_content=social-link&utm_campaign=%3C?=$brandName;%20?%3E

This blew my mind. You can bake beads IN THE OVEN and melt them into the perfect little circles that you can use as stickers on your projects! Yep, I will be picking up some of these beads tomorrow at Michaels!

And I was reminded how my basic Glossy Accents bottle can be added to images cut from my Craft Smith paper to make custom stickers. I think my bottle is dried up so I better pick up one of those tomorrow too. ;)

This page caught my eye tonight on the Craft Smith Facebook page. "My Peeps" reminded me of the Pink Bunny Pinks that are quickly being gobbled up. I love the black text paper from the Craft Smith Typecraft paper pad. Thank you, Susan Ahern, for sharing your layout with us! I love spotlighting our amazing fans here on the blog.

And before I go, I must share another brilliant thing that I saw on Pinterest tonight. No-Egg Cookie Dough for one that I can make and eat up all at once. Probably not tonight, these Peeps are good for now. But definitely tomorrow night!

Sorry if this post was kind of random. But if you are a blogger, you know that sometimes these kinds of posts just happen! 

Talk to you soon <3 I will share a photo of my Michaels haul on our Craft Smith Instagram @craftsmithco tomorrow! Wish me luck ;)