Gift Wrapping Toppers

It's the happiest (and busiest!) time of the year here at Craft Smith! This week we went to our local Michaels and gathered up some holiday trimming (and of course some Craft Smith paper pads) and set out to make some gift toppers for the presents going under our tree. 

We made these cute present toppers using our Embossed Christmas paper pad for the red Poinsettia and printed cute little holiday sayings onto our paper, cut out tag shapes and then attached it to our (brown paper package!) box with festive red and white baker's twine. 

Here's another fun gift topper - this poinsettia is made with our Embossed Paper as well, and I think the embossing makes it so special and gives such great dimension to the flower. How cute is it with that little snowflake sticker in the middle?

Isn't this a pretty scene? Our Crystal Frost paper pad is a customer favorite, and when you can make things like this it's easy to see why. We love the silver and shimmer. 

How pretty is this gift topper? I love the gems with the blue. This is definitely one of my favorites! It reminds me me of a winter wonderland!!!

What are you doing for your Christmas wrapping this year? Tell us about your holiday crafting!