Video: Craft Smith Valentine Box Kits

We have been so excited at Craft Smith for our new Valentine Box line to be released! Well, they are out now at Michaels and we are loving the positive the response we have gotten from you! I don't want another day to go by without showing you this great product.

Watch our newest video to learn all about the new Craft Smith Valentine Box Kits!

Every year around this time, my boys come home from school announcing that they need to make and bring a Valentine box to school for their class party. I always feel the same feeling...stress! While it's not a competition, you should see some of these boxes that the kids come with! My boys are always in charge of their own and I make sure that they make it with just a little help from me. 

When I saw this idea, I instantly fell in love with it! I knew that my boys would LOVE putting together these kits for their boxes and I knew other Moms would be grateful for them too, lol. So you're welcome, Mamas! ;)

So the concept is simple. 

1. Pick a kit. I love all of them!!! I let my boys pick one to put together and they picked the rocket and the robot. I love all of the different options so that each child can feel creative when putting together their Valentine box.

2. Pick up a box. In addition to the kit, you just need a box. We created these to fit perfectly with the Recollections Photo Boxes that they sell at Michaels. They are really sturdy cardboard and are meant to store photos. They are only a couple bucks. Or you can use your own box that you may have that is similar in size.

3. Create! Use the detailed instructions inside the packaging to put the kit together. All of the cutting and scoring has been done for you so all you should need is some strong adhesive and a cutting tool. 

4. Customize! There are some stickers included in each kit so your child can customize the box and make it their own. Kids love that!

I will be sharing another blog post in a couple weeks of how my boys did putting together their kits. They are so excited but I am making them wait another week or so. I am really hoping that some of YOU pick these up and put them together and share on our Facebook page the results! I can just picture all of the cute Craft Smith kiddos showing off their boxes. ;)

Have a wonderful day!