Sweet Valentine Arrows

Hey there!

I am back from a little trip to Southern California where the Craft Smith team attended the CHA Mega Show. It was such a great weekend. We are still a super small company and therefore, didn't have our own booth this year. But we were able to meet lots of crafters, fellow craft industry friends and soak in the amazing amount of inspiration at the show. Plus, our team was able to get some good bonding time which was so much fun. I work with such a great team and I am excited about where we are all going to take Craft Smith!

I loved this sign, "Time to Flourish". The time really is now and I came home feeling so inspired and ready to create. The first thing that I did was break into my Valentines candy...who are we kidding, I am already on my second bag of these peanut butter chocolate hearts!

I love these Sweet Valentine Arrows that I created. I used simple wood skewers, candy treats and my crafting supplies to make these darling treats to give to loved ones or add into your decorating.

First I spray painted some wooden skewers with gold spray paint. Then I added the paper arrow tails to the ends of the skewers. I used hot glue for all of this, included gluing the peanut butter hearts to the arrow tips. For the bottom arrow, I wrapped washi tape around the tail to give a different look. You can really make these however you want! Just gather some red, pink and gold supplies and get creative.

I used the Craft Smith Charming Charlotte for the pink stripe paper and the Craft Smith Natural Luxury for the gold dot paper. I love pulling from paper pads that I already have to get exactly what I am looking for.

I will have a new video for you very soon showing you our Valentines line of craft goodies that are out at Michaels right now. If you have kids or grandkids that give valentines at school, you won't want to miss it!

Have a wonderful day!