The Cutest House in Christmasville

Hey everyone!

We are still on our Christmas countdown! The boys reminded me this morning that there are 8 days left until Christmas Day. They are asking everyday to just open "onnnne" present from under the tree. It feels like just yesterday that I was pestering my own parents for the same thing! Oh the joys of boys. ;)

Yesterday was a fun day at our home...with a green theme! The boys came home from school asking to watch "The Grinch" on TV. I had told them that morning that we would be going to see the local high school's production of the same show later that night. So they had 2 doses of the show...on TV and live on stage. The high school did such a great job! The boys had to get their photo taken with The Grinch. And right before we left for the play, my sweet friend dropped off a Christmas present...which was also tied to the show! So funny how it all happened in one day. I LOVE that sign, how cute is that! I sure love my crafty friends. It is definitely a treasure I will put out every year.

So when thinking which of my last Christmas projects that I wanted to share with you, I had to keep with the theme! I think this project is just too cute, and it was so fun to make.

I used the Craft Smith "Christmasville" paper to make this whimsy house.


I picked up a basic wood house in the Christmas department of Michaels knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it. It wasn't too hard either, I think it looks like a much more elaborate project than it really was.

Here are my basic steps for making your own Christmasville House!

#1. Spray paint the wood house white. (If you like the wood look, you can skip this step. I just wanted a clean look for my house.)
#2. Use the Craft Smith "Christmas Burlap" paper to cover the roof and chimney.
#3. Use the Craft Smith "Christmasville" paper to cover the sides of the house.
#4. Cut the scalloped trim to decorate the eves off the front peaks of the house.
#5. Embellish the house with pieces cut from the "Christmasville" paper including: wreath for the top of roof, presents, windows and doors. Then add fibers, ribbon, epoxy stickers as accents.
#6. Add the bottle brush tree by gluing the tree base to the side of the house base. Add paper ornaments cut from paper.
#7. Glue a strip of paper around the entire base of the house.

And how cute is that burlap paper on the roof? That may be my favorite part. Remember, both of these Christmas paper pads are out at Michaels right now!

I'll be back on Friday with another holiday project idea, see you then!