12 New Paper Pads at Michaels!

Good morning! 

Do we have a fun post for you today! We are SO excited to show you the covers of our 12 new paper pads that are coming out at Michaels this week. Our fans have been waiting for new paper from us and it is finally here!

Let me introduce to you....

{Chelsea Lane} A combination of vintage florals and classic prints in a beautiful color palate of blues, pinks and yellows. 

{Mint Pink} Think Blush Glam with an extra "kick"! ;) The minty green is the perfect accent color and the gold foil will make your projects shine!

{Monterey Luxe} A modern themed line with neutral colors. The gold foil gives the prints something a little unexpected. 

{Rainbow Sherbet} Bright, happy, cheery colors mixed with fun prints makes this pad an instant hit.

Craft Smith School HBPPD.jpg

{School} Bright, primary colors mixed with classic school images and a twist! School themed paper is hard to get right but never fear, this one gets a A+ from this mama! Stock up on this one!

{Watercolor} One of the hottest craft trends right now is in the spotlight. Get the fun look and texture without picking up a paintbrush!

{Gold Foil} Classic designs and typography in gold foil. We have had a LOT of requests for this! So happy to give our customers what they want!

{Silver Foil} Classic designs and typography in silver foil. Silver will never, ever go out of style!

{Embossed Brights} Solid card stocks with fun patterns embossed in them. These will be awesome to mix in with other patterned paper for a fun texture. Love these bright colors!

{Embossed Neutrals} Neutral card stocks with the embossed patterns. Can we ever have too many neutral card stocks?

{Pinks Cardstock} Our fun ombre cardstock packs have been a big hit and we have added a few more color options to the mix. Find the perfect pink with this paper pad.

{Turquoise Cardstock} And the perfect turquoise is always a must!

Just a couple things to remember about new releases at Michaels....

1) The official set day for these 12 pads is Friday, August 7th BUT all stores stock shelves at different times. Some stores will put them out before, some stores will put them out after. You just have to be patient and keep a look out for them!

2) These are all "Hot Buys" which means they are NOT on the paper aisle, they will be displayed usually on a shelf or center aisle product shelf. Some stores have them in unusual locations, lol! (Can you tell I have been to MANY Michaels hunting down MANY products?!) 

3) "Hot Buys" are almost always Limited Time Only lines. So when your store runs out, most likely they will not be getting more. So get them when you see them!

Have fun on your paper hunt this weekend! Post on our FB or Instagram pages when you find them!!! I can't wait to hear what you think of the pads once you have them in your hands!